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I didn’t seek my first change in career. It found me.

At the time, I had been working for about four years as a computer programmer for a large chemical company. I was also enrolled in an evening MBA program for working adults.

One day I was asked to come to the Personnel Director’s office. Yeah, it’s sort of like being called to the Principal’s office. Of course, I didn’t think that I had done anything wrong, but here I was.

It turns out that my initial fear was unwarranted. I was being offered a job as a buyer for the plant (we manufactured fiber for carpet).

On-the-job I was scheduled to take a host of seminars and training courses on how to be a buyer. After three years I was promoted to purchasing agent with more responsibilities and commodities.

A little later, I moved from the east to the west coast and an entirely new company, but as an assistant buyer. Eventually, I earned a Purchasing Manager certification. Though promotional opportunities were limited in this career path, I was able to achieve some personal goals.

Preparation for Change

My subsequent changes were initiated by me. Some were easier than others though all required taking a test and/or an interview.

The one that took the most preparation was my move to training manager. Here, I needed additional experience. Fortunately, I had been preparing for the change. I took certification courses offered by the American Society for Training and Development. Plus, I did volunteer work to gain some experience. Once I got the job I continued to take subject matter courses offered by my department and volunteered for a training cadre being established by our Personnel Department.

In my experience not all changes in career require extensive retraining. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding a way to communicate and/or demonstrate your transferable skills.

Here are the skills and/or things that I believe have helped me make successful career changes.

  • Transferable skills in business
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Outstanding work product
  • Desire for life-long learning
  • Better than average written and verbal communication skills
  • Versatile degree

My name is Wanda Epps, publisher of TopCareersList.com. I invite you to exploit the information you find on this site to find a new career of your choice.

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Career Change

You found this site because you want to know how to make a career change. I share with you how I changed careers and also present resources to help you make a successful change in careers.

Now it’s your turn. How will your career change story read? Of course, only you can answer that, but here’s how TopCareersList.com can help.

Top 100 Careers List

The Top 100 Careers List: 100+ New Career Ideas!

This list presents the average salary for careers that are high paying and in demand.

For each listed career the average salary is $50,000 or greater and has a new job growth rate of 10% and higher.
You won't spend time and energy exploring a career that may be dying out.

You will also find degree required and job outlook information.

Use this information to make an informed decision when changing your career, choosing a first career or seeking a promotion. You can also view the list of careers alphabetically.

Ask Questions

At any time, if you feel overwhelmed and want some career exploration help, just ask me a question. I’ll do my best to get you an answer, or at the very least, point you in an answer finding direction.

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Career Choices

Finding a new career, or a first career, can be daunting (to say the least!).  But, don’t worry. The Top Careers List was compiled to help you find a new, satisfying career that you’ll love.

I have successfully made three completely unrelated and a few closely related career shifts over my 25+ year career.  

Make the ideal career choice and your new job should provide a great return (job satisfaction and high salary) on your investment (time and money spent on education).

TopCareersList.com is here to help you find your best career.

To a successful career change!


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